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Name: Xryxxelp Seokhameo Fluatsylleo Vryzzipsoe

Nickname(s): xry 

Gender: male?

Age: unknown (presumed 2k or 1k years old)

Species/What Are They: Yithian

Soul (Color): white (though it was seen with some different glows when its using different magic)

Sexuality: pansexual (i don't want to see this thing breed D:)


Atc: 50

Def: 60 

Powers/Attacks: it can use telepathy and telekinisis (and other technologys) and some other types of magic give or take

Weapons: some

Fighting Style: (HOW WOULD HE EVEN FIGHT WITH ITS HAND and slow moving)


Friends With:  unknown

Neutral With: its own kind

Enemies With: unknown

Family: their parents died  with their planets death

Crush(es): currently unknown

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): ................. they talk to many beings (though who they are in love with is unknown)


Personality Towards Humans: curious of them and would switch minds with them if they are encountered infront of them to learn more about them and possibly find a pacifistic way to learn how they work 

Personality Towards Strangers: it is really unknown but its assumed its the same thing

Personality Towards Friends: they would be a happy joyful guy just mind the scraping sounds they make

Strengths: they are really intelligent 

Weaknesses: fire and maybe something else

Flaws: they are slow as  hell (after all  the 10ft giant would have a hard time walking with those things)

Likes: science and history and everything about people and the worlds

Dislikes: dying (obviously)

Fears: to one day die like their parents


They resembled large cones, with a muscular foot for locomotion and four extensible arms or tentacles projecting from the apex. Two of these arms ended in claws or pincers, the third terminated in four clustered trumpet-like organs, and the fourth was topped with a spherical yellow "head" with three dark eyes, four stalked flower-like hearing organs on top, and a number of green tentacles dangling beneath. (also how the hell would you give clothes to a thing that is not logical physically)


Goals/Purpose: to gain the knowledge of everything and learn the meaning of life

Job: Philosopher  and historian

Items: books


Backstory: the race was sent to the underground before the yithians took over their minds thus why they look like that in the first place and thus many aliens met their times in the underground and helped make a library (which they allowed the green lizard monster to own though they do own their own library once in the ruins where some vampire monster does see in fact they rented a book about corn from them and thus there is xry who is a yithian who enjoys his job as a philosopher and a historian to help teach the monsters about the upward world so they can  gain enough knowledge to evolve which they help mostly and adding the old pc's and other science stuff that falls it does help them learn and prospect and xry does sometimes teach the kids about the war when they are about to talk about it in a class but they also gave the monsters knowledge of the humans other wars in recent times such as world war one and 2 and so on and the reason why they are doing this is....................................unknown but they are a nice people they are just curious
Get Schwifty
"Oh, yeah!
You gotta get schwifty.
You gotta get schwifty in here.
It's time to get schwifty.
Oh oh.
You gotta get schwifty.
Oh, yeah!
Take off your pants and your panties.
Shit on the floor."

(i am sorry i bet thats not what they're actually singing)



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