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You Can't Stop A Smoker From Smoking :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 29 70 my sona(aka darky) netural expression :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 5 0 Swapfell sans :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 51 42 Joan of Undying (swapfell alphyne child) :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 5 0 trickster SF!alphys and undyne :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 3 0 Swapfell papyrus :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 73 23 Swapfell cast :icondarkshreaders2:darkshreaders2 116 45


NegativeSwap Papyrus Sprite Sheet :iconherobrinetv:HerobrineTV 2 1 B E A N S :iconrascal-rose:Rascal-Rose 92 13 So Not I'm Sorry, So Sorry I'm Not :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 71 15 Rio Grande - Age Timeline :iconxiodorous:xiodorous 91 14 Jazz Jackrabbit :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 197 19 Bad Bone Bros :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 713 52 Grillby GIF :icondoubleonine:DoubleONine 7 6 SCP x Undertale _ scp 087-SANS :iconwsache2020:wsache2020 132 30 TBUDP #2 - Frisk and Sans, ketchup wit me :iconkintsy:Kintsy 138 8 Top Hat Hamie (Stamp) :iconm0nster-gutsies:M0nster-Gutsies 9 19 fake type stamp :iconverumii:verumii 13 9 Followers of G :iconcephei97:Cephei97 34 10 The Fabulously Lazy Flower :iconcephei97:Cephei97 68 24 DT Control :iconcephei97:Cephei97 24 11 Flower the Flowey :iconcephei97:Cephei97 34 14 Since When Were You the One in Control? :iconcephei97:Cephei97 35 6



You Can't Stop A Smoker From Smoking
heres some swapfell stuff drawn by kkhoppang (enjoy this sight of him just being a lazy guy) atleast he isnt being shanked by his brother or being into submission there is some kindness with it
my sona(aka darky) netural expression
heres a undertale styled icon for my sona (those eyes just stare into your soul) heres a note from my sona which it is a lovecraftian horror and  well under that mask it aint friendly and goofy its more horrifying (so this was drawn by and i do use my icons for my  swapfell ask blog so yeah thank you wealldiedtolust aka my most active admin for my blog)
Swapfell sans
"here is SF!sans not the weird dominatrix one this ones more like a evil US!sans aka its basically a wario counterpart to US!sans where SF!sans is well nicknamed grapefruit in my heart as SF!papyrus said he is indeed insane but the reason why is well his fathers treating of him slowly gone him into some trouble hes a grumpy jerkish guy but still is a innocent guy one time his dad placed him into a insane asylum since he believed he was "INSANE" but that just pushed him to be well what you see here his scar was just caused by a accident caused by SF!alphys training his dream is to become captain of the royal guard since hes already a major he is often called many titles by his brother that arent boss or m'lord or something like that some titles are "sarge,commander,sans,bro" and more due to his childhood he was also tested on by his mother but he forgot about her after she fell into the void so no one knows much about this goof but he likes to go "MWAR HAR HAR HAR" and he likes to make cookies yet he does have this feeling of sadness  because he havent found a human to capture really it started to grow and grow on him as his brother just grew to a odd depression that he dosn't care much yet he does like gold yet he dosn't get paid at all at the royal guard yet his brother does at time he puts  a rope on his bros arm to keep him still at work so he dosn't just go to muffet's and get drunk off his ass with spider cider yet in his early life he barely got any love the only love he got that was his care and acted like a parent to him is his brother so much so that it made him sort of greedy with the gold they get with their brother yet outside the darkness of his well interesting behavior is a empty husk of a person who wants love the only one whos trying to help him get out of this void in his heart is his brother and as his madness grows he feels like the madness in the future may take control of him and make him lose what his former self is why he does what he does and who he really is you can hug him if it seems like a odd description its your choice also he has a short temper"

art and design by kkhoppang

remember to check the ask blog
Joan of Undying (swapfell alphyne child)
heres a alphyne child from swapfell she was named after the historical figure Joan of arc 

Personality and some backstory
Shes Mostly A Person Who Likes Her Fish Mom's Science Stuff But She Is Being Trained By Her Warrior Mother To Be As Much As A Warrior As She Was Trained Ruthlessly  She Started To Hear Voices In Her Head Slowly Becoming Insane Like Her Fish Mom Which Shouldn't Technically Happen The Voices Sound Like The Angel Of Death Of The Prophecy Yet If Its Unknown If They're From It Or That Its Her Schizophrenia But After Being Trained Endlessly She Trained In Her Fish Mom's Science Experiments To Learn More About Science. One Day While She Was Relaxing For Moments And Talking To Who Knows What She Found A Anime Called "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie" And Well That Gave Her More Inspiration Yet What Inspiration Not Even She May Know Yet It Gave Her A Love For Anime Like Her 2 Moms Loved To Watch When She Isn't Being Trained Until Her Bones Break She Is Usually Trying To Get Friends Which Worked Somewhat As She Befriended A Little Skeleghost Named Nightbird Who Is A Son Of Sf!sans And Sf!napstaton And They Usually Go Do Pranks And Much More But Then One Day Her Tail Was Harmed In Training And Thus Had To Be Covered With Bandages Until It Heals Which It Didn't Completely Removing The Bandages From Her Tail Will Cause A Unnatural Amounts Of Pain And As The Days Go One She Later Obtained Some Scars That Were Accidentally Caused By Her Warrior Mother Yet She Was Determined To Live And Didn't Want To Die As She Continues Today  Her Favorite Ice Cream Is The Ice Cream From Sf!undynes Lab (Even Though Its Just Determination In A Form Of Ice Cream)

the art was done by Wealldiedtolust

the ask blog is here in this link


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Suicide Bendy.jpeg. by MonotoneInkwell
Top Hat Hamie (Stamp) by M0nster-Gutsies


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